You Only Control the URL You Own By Robin R. Talbott

by Alana Jones on February 5, 2019

Summary: Stay in charge of your online efforts by developing the URL real estate you own.

There once was a time, not long ago, when savvy marketers worked to make potential buyers aware of their need for the product, touting its benefits with clever slogans and jingles.

Now, as affiliate marketers, we work to build relationships with potential buyers, who follow our online presence, trusting to buy following our product referrals.

A Short History of Blogging

Things have certainly changed. The immediacy of blogging and social media has allowed the online presence of anyone purchasing a unique uniform resource locator (URL), creating a vast population of product reviewers with audiences devoted to their outlook. Reading, “A Brief History of Blogging,” dated March 2011, and found on, we learn that:

1) “The early 2000s were a period of growth for blogs. In 1999, according to a list compiled by Jesse James Garrett, there were 23 blogs on the Internet. By the middle of 2006, there were 50 million blogs, according to Technorati‘s State of the Blogosphere report.

2) “By the mid-2000s, blogs were reaching the mainstream. In January of 2005, a study was released saying that 32 million Americans read blogs. At the time, it’s more than ten percent of the entire population. The same year, Garrett M. Graff was granted White House press credentials, the first blogger ever to do so.”

3) “During this time, the number of blogs grew even more, with more than 152 million blogs active by the end of 2010. Virtually every mainstream news source now has at least one blog, as do many corporations and individuals.

4) “Eight to ten years ago, blogs were becoming the primary point of communication for individuals online. But with the advent of social media and social networking in the past five years, blogs have become only one portion of an individual’s online persona.”

Blogging Now Demands Social Media Accompaniment

As blogs have become enriched by social media, or “microblogging,” as it was first called, the emphasis on posting to one’s blog has shrunk. Whereas, in early blogging days, a blog publisher concentrated solely on their blog content, now bloggers must also present the four mainstays of social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, to appear credible.

But, Make Sure Your Blog is Enriched, Not Eclipsed, by Social Media

Social media outreach is unparalleled in bringing traffic to a blog. Some affiliate marketers are solely using social media to create a customer base. Problems occur when social media hosts initiate changes to benefit their platforms alone.

These changes can be announced without notice and have dire consequences in traffic flow and quality. So called, “algorithms,” can easily decimate years of work and piles of cash by introducing unanticipated negative results.

Therefore, Don’t Sacrifice Your Online Endeavors to the Whim of an Outside Entity

Remember to balance time and money spent between your blog and attendant social media. Prioritize your efforts into your own online real estate, for you can only control the URL you own.

Robin R. Talbott (@SunbonSmart) digitally markets at This article appeared in issue 45 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2019: Visit Here 

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