Strive To Be A Balanced Beth – By Sara Malo-Szado

by Sara Szado on August 20, 2019

I am a single mom working full-time as the Client Success Manager for Affiliate Summit, a subsidiary of Clarion Events. I have been in and out (and back in) the affiliate marketing world for twenty years. I love this industry and have met so many amazing and interesting people that I network with daily. I am raising two brilliant and very active children. My daughter, Molly, is twelve going on sixteen, and my handsome son, Shane, is eleven – both currently immersed in the difficult and awkward middle school years.

We are a very busy family of Three Musketeers. At least once a week, I force us to eat dinner together at the table. We go around and discuss our best moment of the day and our least favorite moment of the day. My children tease me about this, but it forces us to communicate with each other about our days and it always ends in laughter.

I certainly have not been balanced my entire life, and like many women, I have had my fair share of struggles, both personally and professionally. I was in a failing marriage for far too long. I was walking behind a person, rather than alongside, and living someone else’s goals and dreams over mine.

One day I decided I am no longer afraid to do this thing, we call life, on my own. I am no longer going to settle because I want and deserve it all. I want to be a role model and be in the movement to empower women to do exactly what I did and make that positive change. From that day forward, I knew I was choosing a better life for my children and for myself. If I did not make that decision two years ago, so many professional opportunities that have come up for me would not have been possible. This continues to remind me how right my decisions really have been.

Finding the right balance and what works best for you takes time and lots of trial and error. I work remote, travel for business, and go into the office a few times a month. If you add a full-time mom to this mix, it can be a lot to balance.

When you work remote, you tend to never turn work off, work more hours than most, and for me my computer and phone are always at my fingertips. I force myself to run every day on my lunch break and on weekends. This is not only for my physical appearance, but mentally it helps me to stay focused. This is my stress relief and it gives me a recharge to be even more successful the rest of the workday. It also helps me teach my children the importance of having fitness in their life.

It is so important you take an hour to yourself every day to de-stress and re-group your mind. More companies, like mine, should encourage step challenges and lunch break fitness. It makes employees more productive and balanced.

I certainly do not have it all figured out just yet, but I am on the positive path to do so and I am not going to quit until I do. I want to be known as the woman that had it all, for my children to be proud to call me their mother, and my co-workers to love working with me and feel confident in my decisions.

I want to continue to travel, write more, meet new people, and grow in this amazing industry. I want my children, along with my nieces and nephews, to learn from my life mistakes. Life should be about professional success, having fun, and making amazing memories, because as we know life is extremely short. I want to strive to be one of the Balanced Beth’s of the world.

Sara Malo-Szado is the Client Success Manager here at Affiliate Summit and inspiring blogger. Follow her lifestyle blog: This article appeared in issue 47 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in July 2019. Visit here for the full edition.

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