Stop Writing and Start Scaling – By Adam Enfroy

by Sara Szado on April 6, 2019

Stop creating content.

Think like a CEO, not a blogger.

Last year, it was reported at that twice as many bloggers are now spending six or more hours on an average post.

Plus, to rank on Google in 2019, your content needs to be high-quality, image-heavy, SEO’d (search engine optimized), and tailored to user search intent.

And not only that, quality content alone isn’t enough. Your website needs backlinks to prove that you’re an authority in your niche.

Scared off yet? You shouldn’t be.

By thinking like a CEO, and not a blogger, you’ll spend your time more effectively, pump out more content in less time, and build  your online influence like never before.

Create Content Systems

The first step is to dial-in your content processes. If you’re currently doing everything yourself, immediately stop and rethink how you’re spending your time.

It’s simple – separate your process into two distinct areas.

1.  Outreach

Act like a CEO by starting real relationships with other influential blogs. First, create a list of the top high Domain Authority (DA) sites you want to work with and build your list of prospects.

Find their contact information, email them, and ask if you can contribute a guest post. The goal is to build enough sample content and relationships to eventually contribute 20 guest posts per month.

How is that possible?

2.  Writing

If you were a stakeholder and hired a new CEO for your startup, how would you feel if they sat at their computer all day writing content? You’d probably lose your mind.

So don’t write everything yourself. Leverage ghost writers instead.

These are hired writers that create content under your name. Is this dishonest?

In one public relations study, 76% of respondents said that as long as the idea originated from the author, ghost writing is just fine.

So who actually writes the content? Anyone but you.

The market rate for content is between $0.10 and $0.35 per word. Because the Internet is teeming with quality writers, finding a freelancer or content company to work with is easy.

Down the road, when you become influential and can pitch high DA websites, writers may give you free content if you allow strategic link placement in these articles.

You heard that right. Content writers make money by placing links for their clients and you get free articles written under your name. It’s so simple, but it’s a tactic few people use.

  1. Pitch websites
  2. Get free content
  3. Publish the content
  4. Generate links at scale

Summing It Up

Removing yourself from content writing is the only way to scale content growth.

Think like a CEO. Build relationships, pitch your ideas, stop writing everything yourself, and watch your content soar like never before.

Using these techniques, I publish 20+ guest posts and provide hundreds of links to my clients every month, while working full time.

Adam Enfroy is a Content Marketing Consultant, Affiliate Manager at BigCommerce and blogs at This article appeared in issue 46 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2019. Visit here for the full edition.

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