Propose an Article to FeedFront Magazine

by Shawn Collins on September 25, 2009

The proposal deadline was May 8, 2018.

The next issue of FeedFront will be coming out in July 2018.

We are looking for concrete takeaways that can be applied by the readers. No fluff – just useful stuff based on your experience and success.

We will contact everybody who submits a proposal, after the deadline, on whether the article ideas are accepted or denied.

No ghost-written articles. We only want content from people writing from their personal industry experience.

The content in FeedFront is first person and articles are a maximum of 500 words

If you have previously been accepted to write an article and either failed to meet the deadline or did not adhere to the editorial guidelines, please submit your article proposal elsewhere.

We take our deadlines and guidelines seriously.

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