Preparing in Advance for Conference Meetings – By Ryan Zimmerman

by Alana Jones on January 5, 2018

Not only do conferences provide great speakers and information, but they are a fantastic central hub for thousands of people in the industry to get together and hash out the details of business deals in one on one meetings.

Time is of the essence, as they say, so check out a few tips below on making the most of your trips and simplifying the meeting process.


Exchange Cell Phone Numbers

Well yeah, duh… but still, make this a first priority when setting up a meeting. EXCHANGE cell phone numbers, don’t just give yours or get theirs. It’s important for both sides to have an easy way to reach each other in case of conflicts, delays, or other last-minute changes that need to be communicated faster than an email.

Personally, I’d recommend texting, because sometimes conferences get loud, and the background noise may not allow you to have a conversation effectively.


Scope Out Locations Prior

It helps a lot to call up the hotel or location prior to your visit and ask the concierge or front desk for their recommendations on good places to meet within their establishment.

Again, time is valuable, and you don’t want to waste your meeting time hunting down a place to chat. If possible, find a table at a café, restaurant or lobby area, and use that space for the day.

Finding a chair and sitting down with someone is not only more intimate, but also gives your feet and legs a rest from the constant walking.


Make It Easy for Each Other

How often have you found yourself standing around, waiting for a meeting, only to be squinting your eyes and staring at every name badge that walks by you to see if you can locate the person you’re supposed to meet with?

Of course, people you’ve met with in the past are easier to recognize, but what about people you’ve never met in person? Odds are you are going to find a good chunk of attendees on Linkedin or social media, so at the very least look them up prior to the show and get an idea of what they look like.

Make it even easier for each other by texting each other shortly before the meeting and give them a heads up on your attire or appearance. “Hey Shawn, it’s Ryan. I’m the ridiculously handsome guy with glasses and a blue button up shirt putting out the vibe by the bar” or something similar.

I know none of this is mind-blowing information, however, give yourself a break and use your energy to close deals once you get there and not fret about the small stuff in advance. See you there!





Ryan Zimmerman is a 15-year online marketing veteran and President of PowerLight Media.

This article appeared in issue 41 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2018.

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