Influencer Marketing – A Sprint Or A Marathon? – By Paige L. White

August 10, 2019

Digital marketing, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Influencer marketing, and other consumer facing technologies have empowered today’s businesses with the ability to achieve brand recognition much faster than at any other time in modern history. However, the advent of digital technologies and the ability to get your marketing message in front of thousands or millions of […]

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How To Increase Nutra Advertiser’s Profits – By Cyrus Ameri

August 9, 2019

There are, however, a handful of advertisers who are able to run high volume and take home substantial profits. They’re able to do this because they understand the most important aspect of scaling their business: if they can pay a higher CPA than their competitors to acquire a new customer, then they own most of […]

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11 Tips To Dominate Amazon PPC – By Valeria Pagano

August 8, 2019

1. The right start: choose ten keywords that define your product in a unique way. This will determine the right target and categories for your campaigns. Just ten keywords will provide enough data for analysis and avoid unnecessary loss of budget. DON’T use bulk keywording, it will needlessly spread your budget. Use free tools like […]

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3 Tips To Diversify Your Traffic Channels – By Rebecca Felker

August 7, 2019

You’ve probably heard time and time again how important it is to diversify your traffic channels to stay relevant as a top affiliate. With Facebook and Google’s algorithms continuously changing and hitting the inbox getting increasingly difficult, it’s more important than ever to leverage and capitalize multiple traffic channels. But where should you start? As […]

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3 Tips For Writing Great Email Copy – By Tom Wozniak

August 6, 2019

It’s Not About You Planning an email campaign starts by thinking about what you want to achieve; the new product you’re excited to promote; how the email will impact sales, etc. But, once you get to writing email content, it’s time to stop focusing on you/your company/ your product and think about your audience. What […]

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