Mastercard to Scrutinize Health and Beauty Merchants – By Suresh Dakshina

April 16, 2019

This change was driven by a rising number of complaints from cardholders who felt they were misled by free trial programs featuring celebrities or offers that didn’t have clear terms and conditions of signing up for the free trial. This was especially so for health and beauty products sold over the Internet. Highlights of the […]

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5 Critical Provisions in your Privacy Policy – By Katy Atlas

April 15, 2019

Why do you need a privacy policy? Privacy law is not based on one single legal authority. Rather, there is a complex, overlapping body of United States federal and state statutory authority, alongside competing international legislation. Often, cases involving privacy issues are brought under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act, dealing with […]

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How to Prepare for New Mastercard Rules – By Mark Standfield

April 14, 2019

Here are five things that can help you prepare for the transition and ensure compliance. Know If You’ll be Impacted Mastercard’s new rules apply to merchants who meet all of the following criteria: Sell physical merchandise, not digital goods or services Use a free-trial or negative option billing model Sell nutraceutical products If your business […]

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Credit Card Declines: Techniques for Higher Conversions – By Maria Sparagis

April 13, 2019

Here’s how to get started. Perform a Declined Transactions Audit A low order approval rate means you are losing money. Combat this by investigating why your transactions are declined. To start, simply pull a report of all declined orders from your gateway. Sort decline reason codes then review and implement solutions by learning what each […]

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5 Actionable Tips to Optimize Lead Forms – By Sarah Gulbrandsen

April 12, 2019

Each piece needs to match one another creating a fluid user experience. To help create the best user experience for your lead form, try using the following optimization hacks. Don’t Neglect Placement Above the fold real estate is a prime place for your lead form. This area has increased engagement and receives the most visual […]

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