Millennials Favor Non-Branded Search In Finance Queries By Aviv Canaani

October 29, 2019

Today’s technology has empowered people to manage their own finances with a click of a few buttons, either from their mobile device or personal computer. This has also created a huge shift in how consumers select their service providers. The millennial generation no longer cares about which mortgage provider their parents may have pledged their […]

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Establishing Campaign Guidelines For Influencers By Paige White

October 28, 2019

Creating definitive program guidelines for your influencers will result in a clear understanding of deliverables, timelines, and campaign objectives. The Checklist There is one very specific item that separates successful influencer campaigns from those that underperform; organization. Influencer programs that are well organized and establish clear guidelines will be appreciated by your influencers. The creation […]

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5 Conversion Leaks That Hurt Your Affiliates By Taylor Barr

October 27, 2019

No business converts 100% of its prospects. And no affiliate partner expects a business to have a flawless funnel. However, there are many popular SaaS conversion practices and leaks that actually hinder your affiliate partners from helping them drive new customers to your product or services. 1. Stop Offering Freemium Only Options Many SaaS companies […]

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Partner Lifecycle Management: How To Get It Right By Julia Wild

October 26, 2019

Having the right partners involves nurturing relationships across the entire partnership lifecycle. This includes identifying partners that are the right fit to work with your brand to recruitment, onboarding, and education, and from there, activation and engagement, growth and optimization, and of course, analysis. Whether it’s through affiliates, mobile apps, influencers, publishers, or any other […]

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How To Make Money From Your Blog By Romona Foster

October 25, 2019

I started as an affiliate marketer in 2007 — before I knew much about social media. Being out of work at the time, it was affiliate marketing that helped me to survive. Still an affiliate for several companies today, I love showing other small business owners how they can add an additional stream of passive […]

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