Best Practices for Building Your Instagram Account – By Debbie Bookstaber

April 20, 2019

As the founder of a digital marketing agency and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of, I spend a lot of time evaluating social media accounts and studying the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in account growth and discovery. While I consistently recommend Instagram advertising to clients looking to grow their accounts and increase their […]

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80% Fun / 20% Buy My Product – By Danna Crawford

April 19, 2019

Since then I’ve learned to respect the lessons learned, including the 80/20 rule. This rule simply means: 80% of the content you share on social media should be helpful, valuable information to appeal to your followers. Once you’ve shared this type of information, then you’ve earned the right to market 20% of the time. I’ve […]

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Protect Your Name with Page 1 Rankings – By Zac Johnson

April 18, 2019

On the Internet a first impression is everything — and more often than not, Google is providing that first impression. While most people think whatever ranks at the top of Google is likely the most accurate and useful information, the majority of us within the industry know it’s all about search engine optimization (SEO) and […]

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How to Increase Search Traffic 14X – By Matthew Woodward

April 17, 2019

Case Study Site Information It was an affiliate website that reviewed weight loss supplements and targets the United Kingdom and the United States. The goal here was to increase website authority and achieve first-page ranking. But we were up against an extremely competitive niche, and we were competing with well-known brands. However, we found a […]

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Proposals Being Accepted for FeedFront Magazine – July 2019 Conference Issue

April 16, 2019

Article proposals for issue 47 of FeedFront magazine are being accepted through Friday, May 31st. The next issue of FeedFront will be coming out in July 2019, and it will be snail mailed to tens of thousands of subscribers. Articles in FeedFront are 500 words or less, and we want content with concrete takeaways, such […]

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