Manage Your Bottom Line with Lead Management By Mark Kosin

by Alana Jones on February 19, 2019

Summary: Affiliate marketing is changing as technology advances: new lead management features bring about more opportunities and competition.

As automation and other technical advancements make it easier than ever to target prospects and collect data, affiliate marketing winners and losers won’t be decided by how many leads they can generate, but by how efficiently they can manage them.

The new year makes prognosticators of all of us—peering across an opaque horizon with some hope of knowing what lies ahead. As we enter 2019, it is clear that the technology available to affiliate marketers and publishers has simplified the lead generation process.

But any good marketer will tell you that just getting leads is half the battle. Having the right strategy to effectively manage every lead that comes in is the new metric of success.

A sophisticated lead management system is the most powerful tool for optimizing your business.

Here are four features that can help you conquer your next incoming wave of leads:

  • Automated Tracking

We live in an age of big data and the best data you can collect is anything that gives you greater insight into your target audience. A lead management system can tell you which ads brought in specific leads. With this information, you’re better positioned to know which marketing channels provide you with the best Return on Investment (ROI). Plus, the more data you gather, the better you’ll be able to optimize your campaigns.

  • Real-Time Reporting

Knowing how prospects are responding to your marketing campaigns is necessary for ensuring a great ROI. Taking advantage of real-time reporting gives marketers the opportunity to know how their campaigns are performing as they’re happening. It presents marketers with the ability to shift resources at any time, meaning you can redistribute funds from underperforming campaigns sooner rather than later.

  • Enhanced Distribution

Even after taking all the steps to optimize your campaign and track your leads, you may still be losing out on revenue if you aren’t distributing your leads to a robust buyer network. Utilizing an elite lead management system lets you take advantage of features like real-time distribution and ping trees to ensure you’re getting the most out of every lead. With the ability to sell or redistribute your hard-won leads, you’ll be in the best position to optimize your traffic and succeed.

  • Predictive Analytics

One of the greatest challenges affiliate marketers face is how to interpret the massive quantities of data they collect from each campaign. Predictive analytics are rarely available as part of a lead management system—any platform with this feature can give marketers a competitive edge. A new technology in this space, predictive modeling, provides marketers with clear identifiable trends that are hiding in their data. Every prospect interaction tells a story about your strategy, but that story may not be clear even after manually analyzing every data point.

Predictive analytics takes the guesswork out of data-mining and employs artificial intelligence (AI) technology to spot trends. These findings can be displayed in intuitive charts and graphs so that every member of the team can plainly see what the data is telling them.

Mark Kosin is a copywriter at Phonexa who writes about emerging marketing technologies. This article appeared in issue 45 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2019: Visit Here 

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