Loyalty Publishers Can Greatly Impact Affiliate Programs – By Jonathan Goodwin

by Alana Jones on September 13, 2016

feedfront-35-cover-188x240When you think of all the publishers in your affiliate program, and the effect each segment of those affiliates has contributing to your bottom line, loyalty publishers should be one of the largest revenue generating segments that contribute to your affiliate program.

Typically, loyalty publishers are one of the main revenue drivers in your affiliate program, because of their unique position in the affiliate program. Coupon affiliates generate interest from consumers because of compelling promotions, GWP (gift with purchase), or free shipping offers, while loyalty publishers incentivize their consumer base by offering some form of reward back to the consumer: either cash-back, charitable donations, or miles/points.

If you’re looking to build and grow your affiliate program, you may want to start looking at ways to optimize loyalty affiliates.

Nowadays, consumers shopping online seek something in return. Either a great promotion with your favorite brand or some form of reward. As you can imagine, shopping through a loyalty site can be a rewarding experience for customers, and is very popular with online shoppers.

For example, Ebates generates up to 500,000 unique visits per day. That’s a ton of traffic, and eyeballs on several different brands that are receiving great exposure.

“Ebates has tools that can directly impact specific goals that an advertiser might have. For example, if raising AOV is a target for a partner, we can send a targeted email with a specific threshold offer. We have an enormous amount of options like that with proven results that can focus in on a specific goal and help our advertisers achieve success,” says April Spigarelli, Sales Executive at Ebates.

The impact and opportunity loyalty publishers can contribute to the affiliate program are significant, often resulting to anywhere from 20-40% of your total affiliate program.

Optimizing loyalty publishers can enhance your affiliate program significantly.

Below are two proven tactics to optimize loyalty affiliates:

  • Increase commission for a short duration – many times when you increase commission, the affiliate will provide increased brand exposure, for as long as the increase commission will be. This is a great way to drive new customers.
  • Flat fee placements – securing prime real estate on affiliate sites can drive substantial revenue dollars and new customers. However, you should have a decent paid placement budget set aside to determine which placements will perform best. There will be placements that don’t work and do work. Taking the time to test which placements work will be best for your brand, and will pay dividends in the long run. Utilize this method during peak seasons and you’ll see a great

Loyalty publishers such as Upromise, Ebates, Cartera Commerce, Mr. Rebates, GoodShop, and TopCashBack are highly important to any affiliate channel, and provide significant value to your brand, by increasing your AOV, traffic, and bottom line.

When building or growing an affiliate program, loyalty publishers can play an integral piece in making your channel successful.

Jonathan Goodwin is the Director of Accounts at JEBCommerce

This article appeared in issue 35 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in July 2016. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-35




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