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by Alana Jones on October 2, 2009

Jeremy Schoemaker. Gary Vaynerchuk. Zac Johnson. All names you know or should know if you read this magazine. But have you ever thought about why?

The reason you know their names is that these marketing mavens have taken the time to build and maintain a personal brand. You know them because they want you to know them. They work at it. They invest in it. They view building their personal brand as an integral part of their business endeavors.

Personal brands are powerful. In many ways they can be more valuable than a product, service or corporate brand. Want to sell more wares? Slap Trump’s name on a building, have Britney Spears front a perfume or leverage the ShoeMoney name to sell a set of Internet Tools. People identify with people. Marketable people with solid personal brands can sell almost any product.

I believe every affiliate marketer should invest time and money creating his or her personal brand. Whether you are working for yourself or an employer, a personal brand can be an incredible long-term asset that can open doors and create wealth. You aren’t going to be a rock star overnight, but if you start now you can build over time.

Ted’s Tips for Starting a Personal Brand

Define Your Brand Promise
What are you all about, your interests, your specialty? Successful branding is about promoting your natural strengths. If you are a geek; be a super geek. If you are good looking; show off that pretty mug of yours. List out your assets and determine what will appeal most to your audience. Create a simple statement that defines your brand promise, such as “Creative disruption of the marketing industry with a smile”.

Own Your Name
If you don’t already have your own personal domain; go out and get one. Your domain should either be based on your real name or on a persona you plan to go by. Any persona you create should complement your brand promise. You should try to lockup the name throughout the socialsphere. Don’t be @johndoe on Twitter and have the domain Be consistent whenever you can to avoid confusion.

Make Your Mark
Every notable brand has a distinct logo mark, color palette, font and style. If you are not a designer, hire a real designer with experience in branding. Share your brand promise and collaborate to create a professional graphic identity you like.

Share and Promote
Your new domain should serve as the hub for all things you. Update your content on a regular basis and use social media tools to start spreading the word. If you really want to grow you are going to need to invest some cash or other currency. Consider having custom swag made, attending industry events, and buying ads to get your name out as much as possible. If you want to be perceived as a rock star you have to promote like a rock star.

A serial entrepreneur, Edward “Ted” Murphy has founded six companies since 1994, has a reputation for disruptive creativity, and in a short time has built one of the most recognizable personal brands in the social media community.

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