How To Make Money From Your Blog By Romona Foster

by Sara Szado on October 25, 2019

I started as an affiliate marketer in 2007 — before I knew much about social media. Being out of work at the time, it was affiliate marketing that helped me to survive.

Still an affiliate for several companies today, I love showing other small business owners how they can add an additional stream
of passive income to their business simply by blogging about products they use on a regular basis.

How to Get Started as an Affiliate

By now, you should know what your niche is and who your target audience is. If you don’t know either of these, you will need
to figure that out first. Knowing your specific niche and target audience will help you decide what company’s products you want to promote.

I will use toys as the example niche in this article. Your target audience is parents with children under the age of three. Using this example, you can then determine you want to market toys from toy stores who sell toys for children under three.

Becoming an Affiliate

There are a number of ways to become an affiliate of a toy store. You can:

  • Visit the store’s website and look for a link to join their affiliate program. If you don’t see a link, you may need to search their website or try one of the other methods below.
  • Search the internet for “[name of toy store] affiliate program” or “best affiliate programs for toys.” Go through the links that you find, and see what affiliate programs are out there for toys.
  • Do an online search for affiliate networks, and search the network sites for toys or toy companies. When you visit these sites always sign up as a publisher.

Once you find the affiliate programs you want to join, read the affiliate program terms, which will tell you about the program, including how much your commission will be. If you are satisfied with what you’ve read, apply to the programs. During the application process they will ask for your name, company information, and website URL.

After You are Accepted as an Affiliate

Once your affiliate application is approved, you can login to your affiliate account and grab the URL links to the products that you want to promote. The URL will contain your unique affiliate ID, which will let the company know you referred the person that clicked on your affiliate link.

Blogging About the Products

Write a blog post about your experience with the product — what you like about it, how you use it, and why you recommend it
to your audience. This could be in the form of a review of the product or a how to article. You will want to include your unique affiliate link within the post.

Only recommend products that you’ve used from companies you trust.

In closing, be sure to write different types of posts (reviews, how to use articles, informational posts), and not every post has to be promotional.

Romona Foster is a Social Media Trainer & Consultant and blogs on romonafoster.comThis article appeared in issue 48 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in November 2019. Visit here for the full edition. 

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