How To Increase Nutra Advertiser’s Profits – By Cyrus Ameri

by Sara Szado on August 9, 2019

There are, however, a handful of advertisers who are able to run high volume and take home substantial profits. They’re able to do this because they understand the most important aspect of scaling their business: if they can pay a higher CPA than their competitors to acquire a new customer, then they own most of the traffic, because they can outbid their competitors for customers every time.

So the question becomes: how can I, as an advertiser, afford to pay higher CPA’s for new customers?

The answer is simple… by monetizing your data with a proper backend. Monetize your partials and your average CPA drops. Monetize your customers and you can afford a higher CPA for new customers.

Building out your offer backend can be extremely complex and the ways you can monetize your data are endless. However, there are low hanging fruit that you can harvest without too much effort.

Email sequences are important for any offer, and they’re one of the easiest ways to monetize your internal lists. Lists you can monetize with email include partials, customers with no upsells, customers with certain upsells, declines, and even customers who’ve cancelled. We see a 13-15% conversion rate from our 10- part email sequence to partials, and the cost to convert is much less than average.

SMS texts with discounted shipping for your trial offer, or with highly reduced pricing for your straight sale offer, work very well. To be compliant with texting laws, we recommend verbiage on your page that makes it clear they’ll be texted, and only text your partials once – we log SMS converting at about 8% of partials on average.

Facebook/Instagram retargeting tools are powerful and the first step here is getting a Facebook pixel properly set up on your store so Facebook can track your site visitors, leads, and buyers. Facebook can then curate audiences for you to monetize.

Third party marketplaces like Amazon are great for people who want to shop on familiar websites. Some people just won’t use your site to checkout, and that’s okay as long as you have your product on a trusted third party site.

Monetizing data works best when you can offer custom price points with your merchant account. It’s important to make sure your bank knows that you’ll be running these discounted offers. Most banks enjoy the benefits of offers with backends because it allows them to process more volume with lower chargeback rates.

In a turbulent ecosystem like the nutra advertising space, it’s important to capitalize on every source of data. Start with just one of the traffic sources mentioned above and you’ll see why the top advertisers are able to pay high CPA’s and dominate the best sources of traffic.

Cyrus Ameri is the co-founder of The Monetization Group, which specializes in monetizing advertisers’ data. This article appeared in issue 47 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in July 2019. Visit here for the full edition.

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