Flat Fee Placements – All About Timing – By Jonathan Goodwin

by Alana Jones on April 27, 2017

One of the best optimization tactics in affiliate marketing is securing flat fee placements. There are several ways your affiliate program can benefit from paid flat-fee placements: driving more new-customers (NTF) to your site, dramatically increasing traffic, and getting in front of more customers can help build brand-awareness.FeedFront issue 38 cover

But that doesn’t mean you start spending $10K-$20K immediately hoping it yields a solid ROI. Several factors that go into making your flat-fee placements work: research, the right offer, competitor promotions, targeting peak-selling season, brand awareness and proper publisher testing.

You have to be patient, test, and time it just right in order for the flat-fee placement to be effective.

Whether you’re launching a brand new affiliate program or managing a mature one, the approach in securing prime real estate on affiliate sites is the same.

  • Research – One of the first things you need to do is research, and understand the consumer to publisher behavior, understand their audience, and demographic.
  • Testing – Once you have a good handle on the publishers that fit your brand, you’ll want to work with a publisher who will allow you to test placements in exchange for commission increases (or exclusive coupons, vanity codes, TM+), before you start throwing thousands of dollars at them. This will help gauge which placements resonate well with their audience. Some placements work really well, and some don’t work at all. It’s good practice to pinpoint which works well in the beginning, versus spending 10K and have nothing to show for it.
  • Planning – Now that you’ve had the chance to test which placements work best, you can really hone-in and plan effectively throughout the year. This will set-up your affiliate program for success as you anticipate peaks and valleys and provide the flexibility to double-down on placements during Q4 or other additional selling seasons and save budget in the off-season. Having a promotional cadence calendar will be handy when it comes time to start securing flat-fee placements with your publishers, as you’ll have visibility into upcoming promotions.

Anytime you have the additional budget for securing flat fee placements, do your diligence and take your time in researching and testing which affiliates will work well for you. Plan accordingly on the right time to get in front of as many customers as you can, in order to give you the best chance of realizing a return on your ad-spend. Flat-fee placements will work when the timing is right.


Jonathan Goodwin is the Director of Strategy at JEBCommerce

This article appeared in issue 38 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2017. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-38

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