Building An Event Within An Event – By Priest Willis, Sr.

by Sara Szado on August 2, 2019

Strategizing is the cornerstone of success and having a game plan or strategy for the next conference you’ll be at is no different. The focus of this case study is to share my strategy at a high level to give some insight and hopefully inspire others to take advantage of these central events and build more connections and recruit partners for the future.

The motive behind this global exercise for the Lenovo team and myself throughout Lenovo’s affiliate program was finding another avenue through separate meetups to build connections with industry experts and recruiting new partners for better growth and higher success potential in the long run.

The basic approach followed was investing time and resources to foster better relationships with industry stakeholders who can really help us enhance our businesses growth together. Meeting face to face in a casual environment outside of the event allowed us to have upfront conversations, analyze their needs, and understand how we can develop a quid pro quo relationship, which is backed by loyalty and trust.

I shared a business plan for this approach internally whereby we would set up a small shop either within or nearby a large affiliate conference. With a pre-defined list of partners in hand, we approached them and then found a way to better connect on a business casual level before engaging on a much higher level of networking and partnership.

We chose these conferences and events in places like London, Amsterdam, the U.S. and looking at Singapore because of the strength and growth of Affiliate Summit. Some affiliates are looking to learn, others are looking for direct connecting, and some are here to share their experiences and let everyone learn from them.

Our goal is to deliver efficiency and partnership benefits which are sure to make a difference in the way we move together moving ahead. This included doing a presentation on what to expect ahead for the business, product training, one to one discussion, and finally a private dinner with many.

So, What Were the Results?

The results were better than expected based on the feedback. We’ve been successful in reaching and connecting and seeing the positive year over year results in revenue and profit growth. We’ve done well in building credible relationships with new partners who are new in the EU, especially, and hope to do more. At the core of all these activities and partnership building exercises is creating genuine relationships, and as a bonus all the additional net new success we’ve seen. We hope to connect at an event near you soon.

Priest Willis, Sr. is Senior Global Partnerships Marketing Manager at Lenovo and doer of online things. This article appeared in issue 47 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in July 2019. Visit here for the full edition.

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