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There’s a huge difference between someone saying that you’re amazing and you saying it about yourself. On the one hand, you sometimes have to explain your credentials. For instance, if I’m asking you to think about what I’m saying, you might want to know my credentials, my qualifications, where I’m from. That’s why blogs have […]


Product Datafeeds go with affiliate marketing like peas and carrots. They first entered the scene almost ten years ago when merchants and the affiliate networks began to make this information available. Back in the “good old days”, it was easy to build a gigantic website based on the products provided by one or more merchants, […]

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The use of “game promotions” is a popular and effective way for Internet marketing companies to create buzz. Even if it is only a nominal prize being offered, game promotions are effective in making would-be customers aware of your company and persuading them to register to use your products and/or services. The purpose of this […]


As with any social media site, offers you a great opportunity to present and maintain your desired brand image. Here are some tips for putting your best foot forward on LinkedIn. Get involved You will only get from LinkedIn that which you put in, so be an active member of the community. Invite new […]


Web sites need images to break up the text and show your visitors things you want them to see. Taking photos that you specifically want to use on a Web site is different than taking family photos or photos for print production. First, they don’t have to be huge in size. You simply want an […]

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