Grow Your Program by Activating Latent Affiliates – By Teodora Dobjanschi

by Jenae Reid on August 16, 2016

feedfront-35-cover-188x240Finding new affiliates to join your program can be difficult, costly, and time consuming. This is why a good way to increase your business is to create special programs to convert your latent affiliates into active affiliates.


On average, only 7% – 10% of the affiliates registered to a program are actually driving traffic and conversions. This means that there are other ~90% affiliates that could become productive and you already have their details.


These latent affiliates can be segmented in three major categories. Let’s take a look at each category and see what would work best for each of these in order to convert them into active partners:

  • New registered affiliates that didn’t start promoting or selling your products after the first three months.

For those that are inactive three months after the sign-up, you can prepare a special increased commission available for a limited time only (ex.: three months), or give them a bounty payment when they reach their first $100 in commissions (or a specific sales threshold) in order to motivate them to take action. If you have many affiliates in this category, you should also take a look at the onboarding process and find ways of reducing the time between sign-up and first click. You should prepare onboarding materials (banners, links, landing pages, discount coupons, etc.), and send them emails to guide them through the process.

  • Old affiliates that registered to your program but with no activity so far.

These affiliates were definitely interested at some point to promote your products or services but somehow got lost on the way. Send them ready-made materials, find what they need, ask them to perform simple actions, such as click on a button to redeem a special limited time commission, or to log into their account, etc. Send a minimum of three emails, spaced oneto two weeks apart. Prepare a special message for those that clicked or opened your email to guide them further through the process and keep them informed about new offers, new product launches, and seasonal campaigns.

  • Affiliates that used to sell, but are not active anymore.

These affiliates are the hardest to convert, as they had been making money with you at some point, but then abandoned the program. Take into consideration that they might be interested in promoting a different type of product, started to work on a different commission model than what you offer, or are out of business.

Send them individual emails, take a look at what they used to do, check their website and see if they are still active, offer them vanity coupons, customized creatives, and links so that they can easily start using those right away.

To rebuild the relationships, communication is key – introduce them to their account manager and send direct personal emails, as 35% of affiliates ranked the relationship with the merchant as ‘crucial’ to ‘join, promote and terminate programs,’ according to AffStat 2015.

Teodora Dobjanschi is Senior Affiliate Recruiter at Avangate Affiliate Network.

This article appeared in issue 35 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in July 2016.

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