Retargeting On Facebook Like A Master – By Kyler Patterson

by Sara Szado on December 29, 2015

Retargeting is an easy and cheap way to convert customers. Unless you’re a super affiliate with a great connection to the company you’re promoting, you probably won’t score a retargeting pixel on their site. So, how can affiliates take advantage of retargeting? By building your own email list.

This article isn’t going to show you how to place your pixel, set up a landing page, capture leads, or how to create a funnel. You’re reading FeedFront, so I believe that you’re more advanced than that. This article is about different ways you can retarget people on Facebook like a master.

Say you have a blog about how to build a website, and you’re driving traffic organically (or with advertising). Great! The problem is, they’re not clicking your affiliate links in the post or sidebar. They got their free tips and then left. However, they may still need a domain or hosting. Here’s where retargeting comes in.

Target People That Didn’t Convert
As an affiliate, you can’t see who converted on an offer. However, you can track who converted into your email opt-in. Back to the website example, you probably have a popup or sidebar widget to capture emails. With a lot of these, converters are taken to a “thank you” page.

When you create the audience in Facebook using Website Visitors, you can split people that have visited specific pages. This includes people that have visited some pages but not others. Here, you’ll want to choose anyone that has been on your site ( and then exclude people that converted (/thank-you).

Now you don’t waste money on people that have converted.

Audience By Relevance
Does your blog have different categories? With our example, you have articles about WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. If people are on those articles, they’re probably interested in that program. If you retarget everyone with a WordPress ad, it won’t be effective. If your ads are more relevant to the user, then your chances of converting them are higher.

To do this, set up different audiences in Facebook for each category. If the category is in the URL (/wordpress/) then it will be easier. If it’s not, you’ll need to add the URL slugs for each of the pages you want.

This isn’t just for blog posts. Say you sell watches. You can retarget based on brands or even price!

Video Retargeting
When you promote a video, did you know that Facebook automatically creates two audiences for you? Viewed (those that have watched 3 seconds) and Completed (have watched 95%). Completed is better since they’re the ones that are probably most interested in the video, niche, or product. You can target these audiences with relevant offers using more direct response ads.

You’ll need to be careful about copyrights. You can’t just steal a movie trailer, promote it, and then send people to a related offer.

I’m sure your imagination gears are already turning. Use these tactics to master Facebook retargeting.

Kyler is the Marketing Coordinator for Find him at @TheKylerP or @HostGator.

This article appeared in issue 32 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in October 2015.

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