How Banner Advertising Can Boost Affiliate Sales – By Amanda Schwarz

by FeedFront Staff on September 17, 2009

Banner advertising may not be your first thought when building your online marketing strategy. Maybe you feel that it is only effective for large companies, or that that search engines drive more measurable, impactful results. Perhaps the process of setting up banner ad campaigns seems a bit intimidating.

It turns out that banner advertising, especially on third-party networks, is both an easy and accessible way for you to promote your site or business. Here are a few goals that a banner advertising campaign can help you achieve:

Pinpoint and attract the right leads

Many banner advertising networks offer a host of advanced targeting options, including geographical, demographic and site content. They can generate leads from specific locations, target to people who have particular online habits, or show banners on sites whose content appeals to your target audience. These people may not be looking for your business on search engines, but when they see your banner ad on a trusted site, they may take a second look.

Optimize your advertising dollar

Banner advertising has never been more affordable, especially on third-party networks that are able to deliver clicks across a wide range of sites. Look for a network that allows you to pay only per click, and to set your own price. Coupled with the ability to target customers effectively, each click can be both inexpensive and likely to convert.

Reinforce your search campaign with retargeting

Retargeting enables you to show banner ads promoting your site to people who have already visited your site and left. The goal is to convince them to return to your site to complete a transaction.

If you are currently running a search campaign, implementing a retargeting campaign can visually reinforce a visitor’s previous brand experience on your site, or remind them why they visited in the first place. Click-through rates on retargeting campaigns are very high, as the audience is already familiar with your site.

Banner advertising is more targeted, effective and affordable than ever before. This is a great time for affiliate marketers to take advantage of banner advertising – to find and convert new leads, stretch their advertising budgets, and reinforce their other marketing efforts.

Amanda Schwarz is a Product Manager for BidPlace SB, a banner advertising solution offered by Platform-A/

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