The 10 Affiliate Manager Commandments – By Kim Rodgers

by FeedFront Staff on September 19, 2008

Below is a listing of personal philosophies that I follow each day in my role as an affiliate manager.

I call them my Ten Affiliate Manager Commandments, because I see them as imperative, in order to do my job effectively and foster the bond between my company and the affiliates that are in my program.

Ponder them and try to incorporate some or all into your affiliate program.

1. Thou shall always be accessible.
Be available through different communication channels, including email, phone, forums and Facebook. If affiliates can’t get a hold of you, chances are they will move on to your competition.

2. Honor thy parent company and thy affiliate partner.
As an affiliate manager, your alliances are to both parties. Ultimately, both the company and affiliates share the same goals: generate revenue, experience growth and achieve a positive ROI.

3. Thou shalt not work with affiliates who steal.
This includes adware, loyaltyware, cookie-stuffers, and PPC violators. It’s your program. Take ownership and clean house. Educate yourself at’s Parasiteware forum and

4. Thou shall adhere to a code of ethics.
If you are, or if you allow affiliates to partake in unethical activity, you are stealing from your company. In this business, reputation is everything. Do the right thing from the beginning and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

5. Thou shall pay commissions timely and fairly.
Pay commissions on time, every time. If the payment schedule is interrupted, communicate the issue. Affiliates are not employees, but they should be treated with the same respect employees deserve.

6. Thou shall be a champion for affiliates within the organization.
As an affiliate manager, it is your duty and obligation to advocate for your affiliates within your company. Educate C-levels to understand the value affiliates bring to the table. Hint: It’s more than just revenue.

7. Thou shall communicate effectively.
Affiliate partners must be kept abreast of any changes to the program, including changes to your site, product line and any tools they may be utilizing. Make it a common practice to communicate with them on a regular basis.

8. Thou shall be knowledgeable about the industry.
Learn by participating in forums and reading industry magazines. Attend Affiliate Summit and other gatherings to network and visit affiliate marketing Web sites. Take the initiative to educate yourself about affiliate marketing and Web marketing in general.

9. Thou shalt not remove affiliates for low or no performance.
These affiliates have shown interest. Now it is your job to help get the ball rolling. Reach out, ask if there is anything they need or if they have questions, but never hit the delete button. Doing so kills any possible chance of a relationship in the future.

10. Thou shalt not become idle.
Even the best in the business work hard to maintain that status. The sky is the limit. Rarely do wonderful things happen to those that sit around and wait for them.

Kim Rodgers manages the affiliate program , which was voted Best Affiliate Program and Most Improved Affiliate Program (ABestWeb, 2007).

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