Use These Summer Months to Improve Q4 – By Judi Moore

by Jenae Reid on August 6, 2018

Merchants, this is the perfect time of year to audit your program and boost your recruiting efforts. Late summer is when affiliates prepare for the biggest selling season of the year. Don’t wait until October to get your program noticed.

Here are some things to review and refresh as needed, so your program appeals to affiliates. Your stats and network ranking will factor in the decision, but the creative offerings and the age of the product feed can turn a perfect partner away from trying your program. Don’t look like an amateur.

  1. Are your terms and conditions easy to read? HTML formatting can make all the difference. Have you read your terms lately to see if they are still relevant? Are they complete? Have you covered disclosures, paid search, and social postings? What about mobile apps and SMS messages?
  2. Polish your program description and welcome email. Make use of lifestyle images where appropriate for your product. Make sure the creative is fresh and relevant to your goals. Check every landing page for offers, banners, and text links.
  3. Look at your data for the best-selling products. Offer to share that info in your program news. Create a newsletter template now so you can easily share program news with your affiliates. Check previous reporting to see which subject lines increased the open rate.
  4. Review network reporting for all affiliates and segment them for further outreach or specific niche content suggestions. Use tagging to make future reporting and communication easier and more relevant to the affiliate.
  5. Set some goals for recruiting and for performance by various groups. Plan your incentives and communications accordingly. Example: tag affiliates who have performed exceptionally well in just one month or quarter this year. Offer an incentive if they perform that well again. Track with tagging. Communicate with newsletter reminders segmented to that group.
  6. Look at every affiliate who performed in Q4 of 2017 and see if there are incentives you can offer for an increase this year. Communicate your plans to them in time for gift guides and planned posts. They are as crazy busy as you are when Q4 hits.
  7. If you have cash-back/loyalty affiliates, look at the cashback percentage of your competition to see if you need to increase. Negotiate for better placement with an increase.
  8. Plan your BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) promotions as far in advance as possible. Even if some details are not available until the week prior, the campaign can be ready, so a price or an image is just a drop-in before sending. Do the same for every other promoted shopping date in December.

Spend a few hours now, and your efforts will produce results in Q4. Put the above tasks on your calendar and make them a priority. Get help now if you need to bring in the professionals. It is not too early. The exact right time for improving your affiliate program is now.



Judi Moore is VP of Sales at Snow Consulting – building and growing affiliate programs.

This article appeared in issue 43 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in July 2018.

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