Advantages of Email List Scrubbing – By D. Patrick Asbra

by Jenae Reid on August 7, 2018

Using Suppression Lists to Optimize CPA Campaigns

Are you leveraging email in your CPA campaigns? If so, you know the potential of email marketing. You also know the precautions that must be taken to maintain email compliance, such as using email suppression lists to honor opt-outs.

Suppression lists are critical for compliance, but they can also help CPA email marketers optimize their programs. Here are three smart ways suppression lists can improve your email efforts.

  1. Stop Paying for Leads You Already Have

CPA email marketing can help promote your product to a larger audience, but if you’re reaching out to (and paying for) customers you already have, you’re losing out on ROI.

By using a suppression list to keep track of current customers, your mailers can scrub against your customer list while they’re scrubbing against opt-outs. That way, you exclude customers from CPA mailings and avoid paying for these customers twice. When you don’t have to pay for unnecessary clicks, you drive more value with your CPA efforts.

  1. Improve the Targeting of Email Campaigns

Now that you’re not spending money on existing customers, you can take your suppression list strategy a step further. Use suppression lists to improve the targeting of your campaigns, and you won’t have to pay for low-quality clicks either.

One way to optimize CPA campaigns is to suppress email addresses where the offer is known to be irrelevant. For instance, if you’re advertising something that only applies in certain locations, you can create a suppression list of email addresses known to be outside that area. You might also suppress email addresses with low engagement. Suppression list strategies will vary by program, but using the data you already have to its fullest potential is always important for campaign optimization.

  1. Keep Your Email Audience Happy

Suppressing current customers and irrelevant leads doesn’t just save you money. It can protect your brand as well.

Abusing the email channel with irrelevant messaging can frustrate your recipients. Smart email suppression improves the user experience by limiting the unnecessary promotional email that your audience receives.

This cuts down the amount of unsubscribes or spam complaints you receive, plus it can preserve your customer relationships. When you’re paying to find new customers, you don’t want to have to pay for the loss of your current ones.

Using Suppression Lists Safely

Finally, like with your opt-out suppression lists, your smart suppression lists must be handled with care. Don’t share raw email data with your email partners. After all, no CPA program ROI can make up for costly CAN-SPAM violations or the loss of your audience’s trust.



For over a decade Patrick Asbra has been leading sales for Unsubcentral, a PostUp company.

 This article appeared in issue 43 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in July 2018.

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