Be a Quitter – By Priest Willis, Sr.

by Jenae Reid on July 23, 2018

You always hear folks preaching stuff like:

“Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

“The minute you need to quit is the minute you have to continue pushing.”

I accept that sometimes giving up can be risky to your general prosperity and life when all is said and done but is quitting that bad?

Let Me Clarify

Have you ever felt fear when considering to stop something or even starting something… maybe thinking everyone will judge you as a failure… thinking you’ll lose your way (financially or otherwise) and make things hard on yourself?

These feelings of fear are fair, and I’ve had them myself. However, in most situations for myself and many successful people I’ve interviewed on my podcast, things tend to always seem to work out ultimately. Most of the time, the thing you feared most doesn’t even happen. Many people tend to underestimate how strong they are to push through their battles.

My career in the performance marketing industry has taken several pivots over the past decade and each time it’s been for the better. In my current role as Sr. Global Partnerships Manager with Lenovo, I relocated from Wisconsin, where I was born and raised, and moved to North Carolina.

This should go without saying that it took much consulting with family, friends, mentors, searching internally and I can honestly say now that after five years I’m happy and have no plans on ever moving back to Wisconsin. I can see when I step back how the years spent as an affiliate then affiliate manager and now leading the strategic partnership efforts at a multi-billion-dollar company has happened.

You may be “uncomfortable” for a season, but the beauty of the struggle is knowing seasons change. It’s really in those times that I believe you’re showing yourself who you are at a deeper level. Finding out who you’re not, helps you to know who you are.

Two Reasons Why It’s OK to be a Quitter

Do you have trouble leaving a crappy circumstance (circle you stand in) since you prefer not to be a “quitter”? How about we get real about how we feel and become genuine about what we want. Here are some reasons why it’s fine to peace out when the going may be going wrong.

You’re Not Wasting Your Time

Consider each pivot as an opportunity to learn. Utilize that information with the expectation to investigate new roads for satisfaction. Stopping an uninspiring activity, diversion, or relationship is ok. Your time is your most valuable asset.

You’re Being Honest with Yourself

Keep in mind; everybody is unique. Remember that notwithstanding when you discover “the thing” regardless you will need to work at it. Try not to ignore the vitality you get in your journey. Be available in the moment.

The next time you find yourself ready to quit, don’t think of it as losing a loss but consider it as making room for greater possibilities.


Priest Willis Sr. is an entrepreneur & Senior Global Affiliate & Partnerships Manager at Lenovo

This article appeared in issue 42 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2018.

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