Your Social Media Isn’t Social Enough – By Sal Conca

by Jenae Reid on May 10, 2018

The latest news to rock the social media world is Facebook’s announcement of its algorithm change stating, “…posts from businesses, brands and media — is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.”

This is a big signal to brands that the free ride on Facebook is likely about to end if it hasn’t already. With the ever-changing landscape in social media, understanding how to reach your audience organically can be a challenge. I’m here to tell you that there is no secret sauce and no shortcuts.

Quality Versus Quantity: This old adage couldn’t be more appropriate for social media today. There are many tools to manage your schedule, identify influencers, and analyze performance, but none of these are going to help you create more engaging content. People are overloaded with content every day, and we don’t need more of it — just for the hell of it. Do you have the unique creative skills needed to make your social media marketing a success?

Be Genuine: People like to engage with other people, not brands. Have you thought about letting people in behind the scenes, and letting them see what your operation is like, or meet the team? Talk about your failures and struggles, as well as your successes. People want to know why you started your business and why you’re passionate about it. If they can relate to your story, they will want to work with you, recommend you and your business, and ultimately buy your products and/or services.

Video is Hot: According to TechCrunch, over eight billion videos were watched on Facebook daily in 2016. You don’t need fancy cameras or big budgets. Share inspirational stories and make them relatable to your audience. Leverage your best blog content and pull out their highlights to create a series of videos. Turn images into videos by adding music, voice overs, or quotes.

Go Live: All of the major platforms have some form of live video broadcasts and they give preference to that type of content, including notifications to their followers. Turn on your camera while attending an event or conference, capture something spontaneous at the office, or celebrate a product launch. For big events, I recommend creating a “Facebook Event” that you can share via email and social media, so you can update attendees and keep them engaged leading up to the live broadcast.

Be engaging: Engage with people who interact with your brand, and even those that don’t. Thank them for sharing your content. Get involved in conversations with other brands that share your interests, values, views, and mission. Participate in Twitter chats. Share other people’s content first. Retweets cost nothing.

Social media takes thoughtful planning, coupled with creativity and manners. I don’t recommend outsourcing community management, because nobody knows your brand better than you do. I do recommend regular audits, detailed reporting, and determining what part of the marketing mix you’d like social media to be for you.




Sal Conca is a marketing consultant and entrepreneur working in digital marketing for 18 years.

This article appeared in issue 42 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2018.

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