Formulating a Niche-Focused Pitch – By Rachel Honoway

by Jenae Reid on April 16, 2018

Are you an influencer? When was the last time you sat down to think about what value you provide, and why your readers come to you? I know you’re busy. But these are important questions to answer. Trust me, if you don’t think about them now, you could be faced with the questions at the most cringe-worthy time… like when you’re standing in front of your favorite brand at a conference.


I’ve seen it more times than I wish to count:

Blogger: I’m so excited to see you here! You’re my favorite.

Brand: Thanks! What do you do?

Blogger: I blog.

Brand: That’s great. We’re looking to work with more bloggers. What do you blog about?

Blogger: Ummm… a little bit of everything.

Brand: (rolls eyes and politely ends the conversation.)


Brands are focused on reaching their target audience – and that’s it. While they may be compassionate people who enjoy chatting, when you are talking about your blog, they are going through a mental checklist to determine if you cover their niche and if your readers fit their target demographic. If you can’t get that information to them in a confident, concise manner – they can’t determine the value in continuing the conversation, let alone in following up with you to send a sample product and ask for your media kit.

So, it’s incredibly important to formulate a focused elevator pitch before you start conversations with brands. Show them that you know what you’re doing, you know why your readers find your content valuable, and why they should be dying to work with you.

Here’s a simple formula you can use to develop a strong pitch:

My name is [NAME], and I blog at [YOUR-DOT-COM]. My readers come to me for [20-WORDS-OR-LESS].


These three sentences tell the brand who you are, and what value you might bring to a campaign.

Focus on a Niche: Saying you have a “lifestyle” blog gives brands little information about your value. You may as well tell them that you blog about a little bit of everything. And, you shouldn’t be surprised when they don’t find value in the bits of content you write on dozens of disjointed topics. Zero in on a niche that helps the brand understand what makes you unique and makes your voice valuable.

Target Your Pitch: If you have a brand (or brands) in mind that you want to work with, customize the pitch for them. Want to land a paid placement from that big theme park?  Let them know “…my readers come to me for activities to do with their children, and they are especially engaged in my posts about family vacations.”

Practice on the Way: As you travel to conferences, pull out your notebook to write your pitches, and practice saying them over and over again.


With a concise, targeted pitch you’ll see greater success following each conference.



Rachel is a co-owner of the blogger and influencer community and conference.

This article appeared in issue 42 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2018.


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