Expand Reach and Flexibility with Clickless Tracking – By Ryan Fitzgerald

by Jenae Reid on April 12, 2018

As a merchant it can be difficult to maintain trackability while simultaneously expanding your affiliate network. This is where clickless tracking comes in. Clickless tracking can provide both influencers and merchants increased reach and flexibility. It does so, by expanding the mediums (online and off) in which influencers can promote a product and receive credit for a sale – all without a click.


What is Clickless Tracking?

Clickless tracking allows merchants to provide unique codes to influencers and publishers. This means a sale can be registered without pixel tracking or any backend development needs.

These exclusive codes provide the consumer with a discount or promotional offer, while allowing the sale to be attributed to the individual influencer associated with that code. Clickless tracking can be advantageous for both retailers and influencers, because the tracking is done without a click or any development work.


Benefits of Clickless Tracking for Influencers

Typically, tracking works by a publisher or influencer using an affiliate link. When a customer clicks the link, a browser cookie is set. This cookie and relevant information about that influencer is provided to the affiliate marketing tracking network when the sale takes place. This allows the retailer to effectively and properly provide payment to the influencer. Clickless tracking, however, allows influencers much more flexibility to expand their reach by providing codes that can be easily used online or offline (on radio, in print, on TV, in stores and more.)

Clickless Tracking can record the sale without the browser cookie being set or sent. It also eliminates issues with traffic sources that do not allow affiliate links and prevents the need for a click in the situations where that is difficult – for example with offline environments.


Benefits of Clickless Tracking to Retailers and Merchants

Retailers can benefit from clickless tracking as well. This method of tracking affords retailers the opportunity to work with a wide range of influencers. It also expands trackability options.

Clickless tracking changes the game by allowing a merchant to use specific promo codes to test partners outside of the affiliate channel. For example, a YouTube reviewer signed up with an affiliate network (ShareASale, LinkConnector, or Pepperjam) can include a promo code at the end of their video. If a sale takes place, that influencer will receive credit for it. Even if another publisher or influencer uses their code, for example on a coupon site, the YouTube reviewer would still get the credit.


Why You Must Try Clickless Tracking Now

The mediums in which you can use clickless tracking are endless, and can aid in revenue growth for both the influencer and retailer, by eliminating the need for a click to enable trackability.

To get started using clickless tracking via exclusive code, contact ShareASale, LinkConnector or Pepperjam.




Ryan is an E-Commerce consultant at eAccountable and has 12 years of marketing experience.

This article appeared in issue 42 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2018. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-42


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