Coupon and Loyalty Sites Can Be Valuable – By Anne Maghak

by Jenae Reid on April 6, 2018

Sometimes merchants have a preconceived notion that coupon and loyalty sites are low feeders whose only goal is to pirate sales they’d already have anyway.
Here is some of the misinformation out there:

They Will Steal Our Sales

We have worked with third party networks that provide tools to eliminate sales that occur in the last several minutes of the click path to the cart. In many cases, when eliminating clicks that happen in the last few minutes in the cart, coupon site sales have gone up, so this is not always true.

They Don’t Send New Traffic

Unless you have a crystal ball, this is not always easy to say with any certainty.

Many shoppers begin their online shopping at their favorite coupon or loyalty site.  One way shoppers look is to use broad searches like “gift coupons” or “book coupons.” When searching this way (item + coupon), a list of merchants who sell these products will come up with their associated coupons. If you are a savvy merchant, you’ll want to make sure your brand is listed among your competitors when these searches are done. If you are, you will see some new traffic.

My brand is Too High End

If you have a high end brand (or want to be perceived as one), you may not feel it would be good idea to be associated with deals or discounts.

Look at your competitors. Do they offer coupons?

Do they have coupon affiliates in their programs?

If they do, their brand is being seen by thousands more consumers than your brand is. They value their customers that appreciate getting the best price for items, regardless of brand.

Their products are being seen alongside your other competitors when customers search for long tail keywords in both search engines and on coupon sites, such as “Clothing Coupons.”  Where is your brand in that search? Nowhere, so you have no chance in getting that sale. Your competitors will, because you didn’t look at the whole picture.

I Only Want “Niche” Publishers in My Program

Contrary to popular belief, many smaller niche sites rarely send more than a few sales to any given merchant. We have worked with hundreds of affiliate programs over the years, and coupon sites consistently send the bulk of sales.

Why? Their sites offer value to the consumer that the niche site does not offer. Yes, you should focus on niche sites, but you should also recruit an eclectic mix of publishers into your program, including select coupon and loyalty publishers, to increase your branding and sales.

Some Strategies for Using Coupon and Loyalty Sites

  • Lower commission
  • Allow only carefully regulated promotions
  • Provide onsite discounts to discourage consumers from leaving your site to look for coupons, or remove your coupon box
  • Only accept reputable coupon and loyalty sites in the mix
  • Avoid toolbar affiliates that do not employ stand down technology to protect all your affiliates


Anne Maghak CEO of, has been working in affiliate marketing for over twenty years.

This article appeared in issue 42 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2018.



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