Benefits of Offering Unlimited Paid Time Off – By Mariam Barnes

by Jenae Reid on April 4, 2018

Anyone who has worked in digital advertising already knows that there is no real “9 to 5” aspect to the job. The internet doesn’t suddenly turn off when everyone goes home. Furthermore, every email in every employee’s inbox could potentially make your company money or cost your company money, so it is unlikely that your employees are not checking their email when they are not at the office.

If you are considering offering your employees unlimited time off, then you may be asking yourself questions like, “How can I afford it?” or “How do I avoid being taken advantage of?” Surprisingly, unlimited paid time off has the potential to benefit your company in several ways, including financially.

Here is how:

Attract Top Talent

If you are competing with other companies for the best of the best employees, then you can certainly get a leg up by offering unlimited paid time off (PTO). By offering unlimited PTO, you are saying that your company values a work/life balance — and people who genuinely work hard appreciate that.

Consider the fact that, in our industry especially, your employees are your product. They provide the services you offer; they are essentially your selling point. So attracting high-performing employees from the beginning is incredibly important.

Improve Employee Performance

The unlimited PTO movement offers a mutual trust between a company and its employees. By saying “I trust you to choose when you need time off,” you are also saying “I believe in you,” and this is a phenomenon that encourages employees to want to give back. Confident employees produce better work

Efficiently Manage Company Budget

Typical PTO allows employees to accrue time off and use time off as it is earned, and with

unlimited PTO you can just do away with that, which saves HR time, and allows HR to focus on other jobs that need to get done. You will also avoid end-of- year vacation sprees in Q4, and

employees who have a number of days left won’t be forced to cash them out or take all their days at

once in a use-or- lose situation.


It is important to note that unlimited PTO is always caveated by employer’s approval. Unlimited PTO does not mean that someone can simply decide they need a month off. Nope. As the employer, you remain in complete control. You can disapprove any time off, especially if you feel that someone is taking advantage of the policy.

The secret to offering unlimited PTO successfully is to hire great people from the beginning. Hiring solid employees who appreciate a great company culture should mean that you are hiring people that won’t take advantage of unlimited PTO and will perform so well that their time off is well deserved. The unlimited PTO perk shows your employees that you trust and respect them, which subsequently enhances their commitment to the company.



Mariam Barnes is the Founder of, The Leading Job Board for Digital Marketing Companies.

This article appeared in issue 42 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2018.



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