How to Grow a Mature Affiliate Program – By Teodora Chiribelea

by Jenae Reid on December 27, 2017

If you already have an established affiliate program for more than two or three years, you may see some things need to be freshened up for your program to grow your results YoY (year over year).

Let’s take a closer look at top five things you should review to drive growth to your mature affiliate program:

  1. Analyze Your Program

Review your program’s performance for the past three years, if the program has existed for more than three years, or otherwise since it launched.

Check trends YoY for: sales volumes, number of orders, new affiliates recruitment, number of active affiliates, etc. See what are the strong points and weak points of your program and act on improving those that need to be reviewed.

  1. Know Your Affiliates

Take a closer look at your affiliate pool and identify top selling categories of affiliates, as well as unproductive categories of affiliate partners (not all promotional methods used by affiliates may be a good fit for promoting your products or services).

Take a closer look at their promotional methods, based on how much revenue or sales they generate within your program. Invest more in recruiting those affiliates that proved to be a good fit for your program, and try to identify new affiliate types to work with (media buyers, video bloggers, etc.), depending on your products or services target markets and particularities.

  1. Find New Markets:

This may be a decision related to your affiliate program only if you run local programs or a company level decision for expanding to new markets. Investigate new opportunities and see how you can grow your revenue by entering new markets.

  1. Incentivize Your Affiliates:

The reason your program is linear may be that affiliates are not motivated to drive more traffic to your products or services, and they prefer to work with your competitors. Check if your program is still competitive in the market and update your commission scheme accordingly.

Look at your top performers and give them a higher commission or a bonus payment for achieving specific targets. They are an external sales force that needs to be motivated to drive better results.

  1. Update Creatives:

Last, but not least, make sure you update your landing pages, banners, text links, gifs, videos, etc. Your affiliates need updated creative materials to better promote your products or services.

Offer your top sellers custom creative materials if they want or need them, or provide custom sizes. Inform your affiliates about the new updated materials or special offers and keep a close relationship with them.

Don’t forget that you need to team up with your affiliates to drive any type of growth, as this is a team effort. You need to provide affiliates with all the tools and motivation they need to promote your products and they will be driving traffic and sales to your program.



Teodora Chiribelea is Affiliate Network Manager at Avangate Affiliate Network.

This article appeared in issue 41 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2018.

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