Instructional Platforms for Reaping Online Rewards – By Robin R. Talbott

by Jenae Reid on August 15, 2017

Have you considered if your online presence is ready for a knowledge share? Well, if not, think again.

Many followers in your online audience are likely ready to learn from you. With a bit of planning, you can become their go-to expert, while creating your latest revenue stream.

Creating your own educational web site allows total control

Free standing coaching, teaching, and membership web sites, allowing entrepreneurs to use their own domain names as URLs, have developed in the last few years to become more turn-key and user-friendly. These platforms give each entrepreneur total control over their offering’s content, marketing, pricing, exposure, sale promotions, and possible coupon use.

This option of total control elevates the instructional entrepreneur from the revenue-sharing, cooperative forums initially found online for educational distribution. Total administrative control means each entrepreneur builds dependable online real estate, precluding surprise changes from the old-style hosting, where decisions are made for the “good of all.”

E-learning market size to exceed US $240 billion by 2023

How about some examples of these dynamic platform packages allowing such authorship and monetary freedom? Well, this long list is not easily gathered, as there are many educationally formatted web sites now vying to set you up as a credible authority. In fact, Global Marketing Insights states, “E-learning market size was valued over US $165 billion in 2015 and is likely to grow at over 5% from 2016 to 2023, exceeding US $240 billion.”

Many choices for the educational entrepreneur

Therefore, it’s hard to know where to begin with all the various options, pricings, packages, and construction methods. After a brief search, you’ll see there is much online discussion as future E-professors Q&A each other, learning from shared experiences. But, the problem is, there is almost too much discussion, which can be very confusing to the beginner.

Introducing an authority on instructional web sites

Coming to our aid is Jeff Cobb, a self-appointed advocate for those of us wading through the instructional E-jungle. Jeff has a wonderfully obsessive intent to review and overview educational web sites at  His responsive, timely comments are very helpful as he regularly adds new found information, in addition to blog posts. Explore his site and you’ll find his free Selection Guide and free offer for his Learning Revolutionary’s Toolbox. I wish I had known someone like Jeff when I started on my journey of E-teaching, three years ago.

Consider creating a mentoring web site

Go to Jeff’s site to see if teaching or mentoring online speaks to you. By taking this next step to expand your online presence, you may easily break into new markets, while becoming accessible to millions of international students, who then become clients. By sharing your knowledge, you will establish your credibility and authentically promote your presence as an online authority.


Robin R. Talbott (@SunbonSmart) digitally markets at

This article appeared in issue 39 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in July 2017.


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