3 Ways Videos Make for Optimal Conversions By Corey Padveen

by Alana Jones on February 6, 2019

Summary: By using valuable content, educational material, and by showcasing your expertise, videos can help you drive up your conversion rates.

Video is nothing new. We have seen its rise over the past decade or so to become one of the most useful tools in any marketer’s strategy. While its aesthetic appeal is clear, many of us often overlook its value in driving interest and even conversions from both new and returning customers.

These three strategies can help you maximize the value of your video content to increase the interest you generate from prospects and convert new leads into revenue.

  • Provide Value

There is more than enough content out there – video or otherwise – and plenty of that provides entertainment. You need to think in terms of providing that and more. The audience watching your video content will need encouragement to stick around.

If the average online attention span is only a few seconds and getting shorter, the value you provide needs to be insightful, useful and, yes, entertaining to keep viewers watching and get them to click on a call-to-action at any point during your video.

  • Educate Viewers

When creating video content, ask yourself something simple: if you were not a part of your industry and you were looking to get information, is your video the kind of thing that would provide the insights and information you would be looking for when you went searching?

The answer should always be yes. Much like the value you provide viewers, you’ll want to take an explanatory or educational focus as well. When it comes to generating leads and converting prospects, quick educational tips and lessons through video content can go a long way to generating interest from an audience. It also helps highlight your expertise, which brings us to our third point.

  • Prove Your Worth

By creating content, answering questions, and highlighting that you know more and are willing to share more information than anyone else in your industry, you are establishing yourself as a thought and industry leader.

The reality is simple: people like working with the best. Video content is an excellent way to show them that you are, in fact, at the very top of the industry, and it personalizes your individual brand significantly more than other forms of content. Take advantage of those assets and leverage video in order to showcase your expertise and convince prospects to take that next step by clicking through to see more, asking for more information, and converting on the spot.

Content is a multi-faceted strategy, and simply adhering to one form or another is almost never the way to go if you want to attract prospects and up your conversion rates. That said, video is one of the most easily digestible and engaging forms of content, and it needs to be thought of as something more than simply another asset.

You need to be using video to drive conversions, and by taking these three approaches into consideration when creating your next video you’ll be doing just that.

Corey Padveen, author of Marketing to Millennials for Dummies, and Partner at t2 Marketing International. This article appeared in issue 45 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2019: Visit Here 

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