3 Success Steps to Influencer Marketing By Vera Belinskaya

by Alana Jones on February 15, 2019

Summary: Success steps to Influencer Marketing and how to communicate brand novelty with audience affinity providing recognition and triggering complete registrations.

We do not need to convince you why influencer marketing is vital to your app’s success, but we will tell you how to advance cost-per-action (CPA) driven campaigns and amass new registrations and bookings.

Whether you are focusing on micro or macro influencers, the steps you take to find the right fit will allow you to communicate brand novelty with audience affinity, providing recognition, and trigger complete registrations of users who will continue using your app.

  • Pre-screening

Pre-screening of influencers is a time-consuming task which will save you a lot of time later in your campaign. It is important to create a match between the brand and influencer’s personal brand. You should consider the geographical target market, size of following, reputation, language, engagement of the audience, and topics and interests of the influencer. In order to attract potential user’s interest before starting the campaign influencers with the right demographical data to ideally fit app’s offer should be approached.

  • Budgeting

Budget setting and negotiations all come from an established daily communication and the motivation of influencers. Not only should you meet your own budget and apps budget, but the influencers requirements based on their reach, following base, and reputation in the online space to meet the optimal costs.

This will affect the transmission of briefings and the overall delivery of the campaign. The influencer marketing industry is very competitive where influencers have set prices: they know how much brands are willing to pay, but the room for negotiation always allows you to find a compromise.

If you cannot afford a mention in a YouTube video of an influencer with one million subscribers, an Instagram story on an account with 200,000 followers, but more focused and dedicated to influencers’ opinions, can be a win-win.

  • Account Management

Establishing daily strong communication with the influencer will nurture the adherence to guidelines. A dedicated account management needs to concentrate around the links being delivered on time, whether the links work, making sure the content is pre-checked, approved, and can go live.

Influencers often do not work with an agency to handle the details and more shortcomings can appear than one expects. The little details such are a broken “swipe up” link on Instagram or a forgotten link in the YouTube video description box can cost a lot of lost potential users and money.  

Following these steps will allow increased engagement and brand awareness to consequently generate more revenue. The image the influencer will portray of the app will affect the positive perceptions, growth of keyword searchers of the targeted audience, and increased app orders.

If the influencer is not responsive, does not engage with the audience and does not provide the expected reach, it is often the fault of the steps taken prior to the campaign going live. Allocate enough time and money to complete the steps above and it will bring you to a more successful influencer marketing campaign.

Vera Belinskaya is the Marketing and PR Manager of TAB, a mobile performance media company. This article appeared in issue 45 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2019: Visit Here 

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