3 Methods For Ready-To-Post – By Ashley Klotz

by Sara Szado on August 4, 2019

This content helps a brand inspire their content partners’ sponsored posts and increases their chances of getting promoted. With affiliate programs generating 15%–30% of all sales for advertisers, according to data from 99firms. com, implementing RTP content into your affiliate strategy is a simple and smart way to increase exposure for sales.
Distributed through your program’s network, here are three ways to offer RTP content that your partners will appreciate.

1. Pre-Written Article

Not your normal blog article, these tend to be a little sales-y in context, offering vital brand information that goes with the theme given and gives them a complete template to follow. These articles have detailed information on recommended products that are related to the theme and should include images, as visuals are an essential part of a blog.

2. RTP Text Links

Text links are a fantastic way for your partners to promote. They can be used on social channels or within articles they already have planned. Offering RTP text links can encourage your partners to include you in their content calendar since they’re easy to grab and insert where needed. While text links related to specific themes (e.g. trends) are great, another option to offer is fun holidays (e.g. National Dog Day). These are huge on social media and a delightful way to get quick promoting opportunities. Try offering 3-4 links with a variety of copy for each and sending them within a newsletter mentioning what they are for and how they can be used.

3. Content Inspiration

This content is meant to inspire your partners’ next post like the pre-written article, but differently. Some content partners don’t need or care for a complete article. Instead, they appreciate quick ideas and recommended products. Therefore, come up with two possible themes that go along with your brand and season; then, include a sample of theme-related copy for each, recommended products with simple descriptions, and images if applicable.

Although the content is meant to promote your brand, the actual audience is your partner’s readers.

Having a broad audience with different verticals can be tough. The trick is to offer an array of themes that can cover the multitude of different partners you have and their readers.

Also, your partners should be encouraged to adjust this pre-written content to fit their own voice and style. This avoids duplicate content penalties and makes writing the content easier. Knowing your partners will be changing the copy will eliminate the stress of trying to write for so many different people.

Since 2015, revenue from affiliate marketing programs grow by 10% annually and projections for this trend are to continue at least until 2021, according to hostingtribunal.com. That’s good growth brands should be capitalizing on and including ready-to-post content into your affiliate program is an enticing benefit for affiliate partners.

Ashley Klotz, Content Manager, All Inclusive Marketing. 7+ years of content, social and performance expertise. This article appeared in issue 47 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in July 2019. Visit here for the full edition.

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