10 Types Of Subject Lines That Sell – By Debra Pivko

by Sara Szado on August 11, 2019

In the time it takes to quickly scan a restaurant menu for what to order, you’ve decided which emails are urgent, important, interesting to squeeze into your overwhelmingly busy schedule—or delete.

Today’s audience is savvy to the email sales tricks of the past, so if you’re the one sending a mass email, you have to get creative… Here are simple tips to make your subject lines truly connect with your ideal customer’s desires to turn potential customers into paying customers.

Master The ‘From’ Field

Research from Pinpointe Marketing found that using a personal name can increase open rates by as much as 35%. It’s surprising that a whopping 89% of email marketing campaigns are still sent from a company name. But hey, that gives you a chance to stand out.

Use the Preview Line

Even today, many marketers aren’t aware you can write this message seen underneath the subject line. You can use it for benefits, explanation of a short subject line, or a separate offer/ idea.

Create Urgency

NO actual urgency in your offer? Create it. Even if your promo runs for a while, you can still write “today.”

Discount Right

Do your calculations. I’ve had clients tell me to feature extra 10% off when the items were already on sale for 60%, which sounds WAY better. Feature what sounds best. If the highest item is 50% off, say “Want 50% off today?” You’ll get a much higher open rate.


The fear of missing out is a powerful motivator. Use your subject line to highlight what someone could lose. Examples: “You won!” or “Your earned credit expires tonight!”

Push Pain Points

People want to do more, see more, and earn more. Identify the obstacles that prevent them from doing so and use those insights to position your product or service as the solution.

Personalize It

Addressing the recipient by name can lift open rates by 20%. For example, “Debra – this outfit has your name on it!” or “Debra – Can I send you these goodies?”

Add Emojis

Not only do these convey emotion in little space, but they help your emails literally stand out. Use dollar signs, stars, presents, and more.

Be Real

A little authenticity goes a long way. If you write something a human would write to another human like “Hey, here’s a 30% off code for ya!” rather than announcing to a crowd like, “Shop our sale today”, you’re much more likely to build a rapport.

Change the Conversation

Work different angles. For example, if they aren’t interested in the results you’ve seen, try getting them exited about the breakthrough ingredients or a deal.

You can use subjectline.com to score ‘em. And test, test, test. You’ll see which messages catch the majority of people then rework your funnel to send those sooner in the journey.

Debra Pivko, Founder of IntrigueCreative.com is an experienced sales Copywriter known for high conversion rates. This article appeared in issue 47 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in July 2019. Visit here for the full edition.

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