Know When It is Time to Leave

by Shawn Collins on September 15, 2019

I was really excited on the morning of September 11, 2001. It was a gorgeous, sunny day in New York City as I headed into my job at My CMO with an impressive MBA from an Ivy-League school forced me to pause the affiliate program for the summer, even though it was cash positive […]

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Christopher Park, Senior Affiliate Manager at JEBCommerce, joined me to chat on my podcast, This is Affiliate Marketing with Shawn Collins. I wanted to learn more about the real Chris, so I asked him a variety of questions I figured he had not been asked in previous interviews. Topics included… How he ended up in […]

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You Need To Invest In Your Employees – By Ricky Ahuja

August 22, 2019

It is commonly said that “customers come first”, but Richard Branson has helped put this statement in proper perspective: “employees come first; customers come second”. This is an important principle in the business world. If employees are well invested in and their innovativeness encouraged, customers would get the best services and treatment. Employees are the […]

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Best Tools To Set Up Google Ads – By Pawel Kijko

August 21, 2019

Imagine you’ve set up your first online store. What’s the next step? Advertising. But you don’t know how to do it and you can’t afford a marketing agency. So you need to try to figure out how to create an advertising campaign on your own. You need to know that an effective Google Ads campaign […]

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Strive To Be A Balanced Beth – By Sara Malo-Szado

August 20, 2019

I am a single mom working full-time as the Client Success Manager for Affiliate Summit, a subsidiary of Clarion Events. I have been in and out (and back in) the affiliate marketing world for twenty years. I love this industry and have met so many amazing and interesting people that I network with daily. I am […]

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