3 Ways Videos Make for Optimal Conversions By Corey Padveen

February 6, 2019

Summary: By using valuable content, educational material, and by showcasing your expertise, videos can help you drive up your conversion rates. Video is nothing new. We have seen its rise over the past decade or so to become one of the most useful tools in any marketer’s strategy. While its aesthetic appeal is clear, many […]

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You Only Control the URL You Own By Robin R. Talbott

February 5, 2019

Summary: Stay in charge of your online efforts by developing the URL real estate you own. There once was a time, not long ago, when savvy marketers worked to make potential buyers aware of their need for the product, touting its benefits with clever slogans and jingles. Now, as affiliate marketers, we work to build […]

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The Trends Shaping Affiliate Marketing in 2019 By Kevin Edwards

February 4, 2019

Summary: A whistle-stop tour of the trends set to shape affiliate marketing in 2019. Affiliate marketing has always struggled to tell a good story. Seen as a nuts and bolts channel, focused on results rather than the activity that drove the outcome, it often fails to resonate in the way a “hearts-and-minds” brand advertising campaign […]

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The Importance of a Diversified Publisher Base By Jonathan Goodwin

February 1, 2019

Summary: Having the right mix of affiliates and contributing to the overall affiliate revenue is critical to the success of the program. One of the most critical elements of a successful affiliate program is ensuring it does not heavily depend on a specific publisher segment. The affiliate contribution should be distributed amongst several types of […]

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New Hire Training: Improve Your ROI By Anna Tumadóttir

January 31, 2019

Summary: Onboarding new hires can be expensive and time consuming. Read an insider’s guide to relevant and free training resources. Hiring well, and doing so consistently, eludes many of us. All too often, you spend six months with a new hire before realizing they are a poor fit. By that time, you’ve spent far more […]

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