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Most of us know that online video is exploding, and want to capitalize on it. But before we think about how, we need ask why. The only two reasons for posting video online are ego and money. Ego can be the desire for attention, to show-off, make someone laugh or capture snippets of life’s kaleidoscope. […]

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Five tips to getting started Get over yourself. You look how you look. The rest of the world sees you as you are, and you look no different on camera. Quit worrying about how you look and start filming yourself. Nobody is going to criticize you. Smile. Nobody wants to see a grumpy person on […]


We’ve wrapped up the first issue of FeedFront magazine and we’re sending it to the printer. Issues will be mailed in June 2008. Here are the articles in the first issue: Editors Note: Missy Ward & Shawn Collins Five Ways to Evaluate a Merchant’s Landing Page: Dan Murray Pros & Cons of Utilizing Multiple Networks: […]

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