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If you missed Affiliate Summit East 2009 (“ASE”), you missed a great business opportunity. While sessions are educational, the best networking occurs after-hours. You can wait until you get to town to plan your schedule, but your best bet to maximize your time is to plan ahead, stay connected, and always follow up after the […]


There was a time when travel and work were not possible simultaneously. But now, with the help of portable gadgets, staying productive while on the road is a reality. I learned how to rely on mobile technology more than ever this summer due to a family vacation, sandwiched by two business trips. With various destinations […]


I have to admit that when I entered this sector of online advertising as a profession, I totally underestimated the value of face-to-face meetings and relationships. I, like many, believed at the time that since a high percentage of daily business was done via IM, email and the telephone, that trade shows and other “physical” […]