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tl;dr – Facebook and Twitter should be used as an additional way to communicate with affiliates. As an affiliate manager, I spend a lot of my time thinking of creative ways to communicate with my company’s existing affiliates, and how to recruit new affiliates into our program. With the daily barrage of email and other […]

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Successful marketing via social media requires being mindful of the context in which you are delivering your message. When a visitor navigates to your website, they are lenient about how you choose to market to them, because they understand it’s your house. Contrast that to a social network interface, which the user considers to be […]

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The wild growth of social media provides affiliates with a new avenue to reach customers. According to the 2012 AffStat Report, 60 percent of affiliates use social media to drive traffic, second only to search engine optimization (SEO). But social media and affiliate marketing don’t always click. In some cases, your social media strategy may […]


Why did J.C. Penny recently get punished in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)? They were allegedly caught buying hundreds of links from spammy, low pagerank websites by the New York Times, who reported their findings to Google. J.C. Penny took a black hat shortcut with their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign, which is a […]


The growth of social media sites Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn has created an exciting intersection between social media and search marketing. Here are five social marketing opportunities to improve your search performance, and five ways search can impact your social media marketing. 1. Opportunities Arise from Instant Search gives us the opportunity to […]