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Homeopathy is a controversial form of alternative medicine that has faced intense criticism from the scientific community for years. The practice is based on the idea that a substance known to cause certain symptoms in healthy people can be used to relieve those symptoms when given in a sufficiently minute dose to sick people. Indeed, […]

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For affiliate marketers, the mobile channel promises to engage consumers like never before. With a wide variety of ad units, tracking and targeting technologies, and network marketing models, mobile has the potential to extend advertisers’ reach dramatically and improve ad-spend ROI. However, this opportunity comes with its share of legal risk, especially when working with […]

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Business opportunity or “bizopp” offers have been a mainstay of affiliate marketing for years. The good ones offer consumers the ability to make extra money while working from home; the bad ones prey on the financial desperation of unemployed consumers. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has been playing Whac-A-Mole with bad bizopp advertisers for almost […]