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The keynote address from Guy Kawasaki, “Nobodies are the New Somebodies,” at SESNY 2009 was about how Twitter can be used as a marketing tool. Here are the key points from Guy’s talk… Forget the A-list – it is vastly overrated. De-focus – you don’t know who will be your most important followers. Get lots […]

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I was recently reading a post that my business partner, Shawn Collins had up on his blog,, entitled “Cynical Marketing.” In the post, Shawn talks about how there are some marketers out there that simply don’t get the fact that not everything they do has to revolve around making money. They forget that sometimes, […]

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Back in the late nineties, it was not unusual to attend an affiliate marketing event (or any online marketing event for that matter) and see very few women in the room. Fast-forward ten years later and you’ll find that the opposite is true. Affiliate marketing is overflowing with women who are leaders in their fields […]


I am frequently asked what I use to create podcasts, so I thought I’d put together information on the various equipment, programs, etc. for anybody interested in getting into podcasting. First off, why podcast? Well, it’s an additional area for you to reach your audience to share information, generate revenue, and create more content for […]

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