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Shawn Collins

  People often say to me that Affiliate Summit is like a family reunion – they look forward to seeing the friends they’ve come to know during their time in the industry. But sometimes, the relationships that blossom at Affiliate Summit become more than friends. Once such story started at a ShareASale “Under the Stars […]

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Business and personal relationships can turn sour over the smallest actions or cues, so it’s important to follow some simple rules. These might seem basic to you. If so, congratulations, because your parents taught you how to do things. For everybody else, get your act together. Never Arrive Empty Handed You’ve been invited over somebody’s […]

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The term life hack is pretty overused these days, but it applies here, so I am going with it. If you are not familiar with life hacks, they are strategies or techniques to increase productivity or efficiency. Here are some life hacks that have helped me get things done and feel better at work. Stand […]

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…from the Trash 80 to a black Mercedes I was reading some posts on last fall and there was the audio of a song called Hogg Theme Song by YTCracker. That was my first exposure to what I later found out was Nerdcore hip hop and I liked it. It had the sound of […]


I came across a video this past spring with a guy named Joel Bauer talking about his business card. It was an oddly compelling couple of minutes on personal brands that I’ve re-watched dozens of times. And I’m not alone. The video, “Your Business Card is Crap”, has been viewed about 750,000 times on YouTube. […]

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