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Everyone is interested in increasing their search engine visibility, yet they often overlook the basic principles of Search Engine “Pessimization”, making it exceptionally difficult for Google and others to see their landing pages. Before you invest time and money into fully optimizing for search, you must do these three very simple things to prevent Google […]


If you can’t keep up with the conference of the month, last month SMX landed in the Big Apple. The Davits Center to be exact. Registration went smoothly, so I was off to the races and on to my first session. It seems Internet marketing conferences sometimes struggle with balancing introductory, medium and advanced content […]


Last year, I had a client who was the largest company in their space, yet they consistently ranked on the bottom of page two in Google for their most important term, no matter how hard they tried.   They brought my company on board and we were able to help get them as high as the […]


My 3 Favorite Blogs You May Not Visit – An all around search blog covering SEO & PPC with great editors. – I’ve picked up more than a fair share of PPC / SEO tidbits here. – Great and practical PPC advice. My 3 Favorite Tools You May Not be Using […]

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