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Ricky Ahuja

  Shopify has been all the rage lately, both from a stock perspective, and as an alternative to setting up shop on Amazon. Many business owners identified it as a good opportunity for creating ecommerce platforms, and for creating a solid base for a business that can expand in the future. Shopify is clearly doing […]

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While I do not proclaim to be a great networker, I feel I can hold my own. Having attended countless Affiliate Summits over the past ten years, I am always amazed at companies that send employees to represent their brand but are either shocked by the sheer number of people in attendance or just lack […]

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It is the age-old story: Democrats vs. Republicans, David vs. Goliath, Union vs. Confederates, and right along those lines, yes – advertisers vs. affiliates. One doesn’t want to give, and the other just wants to take. Who is right? Who is wrong? Can’t we all just get along? Having been an affiliate, a network owner, […]

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India is quickly becoming a rising star in the world of affiliate marketing. Due to the high human capital and the low cost of labor, working with Indian teams to develop and implement affiliate marketing solutions is a cost-effective practice for global businesses. When looking for new opportunities to increase revenue and grow a business, […]


Social media can be considered many things; time-consuming, exciting, scary, necessary; but definitely not stagnant. Each day brings new developments in the world of social media, as evidenced via the popular trends that are emerging on the current landscape. Where is social media today? It’s not important, because it’ll look different tomorrow. That said, there […]

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