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Starting out as a podcaster with a cheap headset and free software is ideal for a beginner, but what do you do when you want to take your show’s quality to the next level? The most dramatic impact you can have on the quality of your show is to change to a hardware-based workflow. Microphone […]


In the past two issues of FeedFront, we discussed the reasons why you should be podcasting, the planning stages, and the recording of your first show. Next up is the proper tagging of your show and the uploading and distributing your episodes. ID3 Tags Few things are as important for branding as your ID3 tags—the […]

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In the last issue of FeedFront (issue 11, August 2010), I discussed the reasons why you should be podcasting and the planning stages of getting your show off the ground. Since then, you’ve chosen a topic; set aside 30 minutes a week and have a microphone/headset. You don’t necessarily need a script, but it would […]

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It isn’t as sexy as video. It isn’t as trendy as mobile advertising or social media, If you ask anyone in our industry if they do it, chances are, they don’t. Podcasting. Often overlooked and underrated, podcasting is a fantastic way to communicate with your customers and fans, expand your reach and, frankly, have a […]


I am frequently asked what I use to create podcasts, so I thought I’d put together information on the various equipment, programs, etc. for anybody interested in getting into podcasting. First off, why podcast? Well, it’s an additional area for you to reach your audience to share information, generate revenue, and create more content for […]

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