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Content marketing means creating and communicating stories, information, and images for the purpose of education, entertainment, or productivity. Content marketing is a relationship building strategy, minus the sales pitch. The goal is to earn interest by adding value, rather than to sell. Pinterest is a purely image-based social network that uses graphics and photos to […]

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When shared with your customers, a mission statement is a valuable part of humanizing your business. It allows you to share your company’s purpose, values, interests, and beliefs. Pinterest can serve a similar purpose, as it also allows you to showcase your mission, but without the limitations of text. With it, you can reach beyond […]

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Pictures and images are becoming the most dynamic way to drive traffic to a website, or an affiliate program. Here are three exciting new opportunities for image marketing: • Image ‘memes’ featuring words and pictures are spreading virally through social media sites, and they are generating incredible reach and click throughs. • Pinterest grew from […]

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