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Gone are the days of shopping via mail-in catalog. Today, consumers are influenced to purchase products across the digital world—from Pinterest to Instagram to blogs to emails. It’s imperative that brands develop a marketing strategy that reaches all of these channels and devices. It can be a difficult, time-consuming, and expensive task but to increase […]

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The increasing uptake and adoption of cross-device web use is shaking up previously held assumptions about the most revenue-rewarding advertising streams available to merchants, publishers, and the affiliate landscape. The most significant outcome has been the transposition of the banner ad from the standalone premier revenue position to a complementary method used alongside other innovative […]

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The balance of power in affiliate marketing is undergoing a dramatic shift. The link economy, today an inefficient and complex market, is rapidly gaining competition, transparency, and liquidity. Link optimization technology — technology that points links to the highest bidder in real time — is revolutionizing the future of affiliate marketing by letting all the […]

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Technology companies are starting to invest heavily in developing and improving user experience (UX). Why? Because now, more than ever, people are realizing how important UX is to a company’s success. Distracting, often irrelevant display ads have a way of pulling attention away from a site’s content and negatively impacting UX. There’s no doubt that […]