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Consumer adoption of mobile devices has exploded with over half of all Americans now owning a smartphone and tablet ownership skyrocketing. This increase has created a dramatic shift in how consumers interact with brands online. According to StatCounter Global Stats, 10% of total internet traffic, as of May 2012, has come from global mobile traffic. […]


In April 2012, online traffic through mobile and handheld devices hit double digits for the first time on the Affiliate Window network in the UK. In November 2010, barely 1% of the network’s traffic was attributed to handsets and tablets. Fast forward two years and it’s anticipated that one in six clicks will be mobile […]

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Waffle House, the historic Southern late night eatery, used to have a saying, “Who’s looking out for the poor old cash customer.” For 50 years, they only accepted cash. But they started accepting credit cards a few years ago. They had to evolve to survive. The same can be said for traditional affiliates in 2011. […]

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