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One roadblock many affiliates run into is developing content for their sites. They might have enough content ideas to get started with a new site, but eventually the well dries up and they hit a content wall. Long term success with affiliate marketing is dependent on generating quality content over a number of months and […]

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As an Outsourced Program Manager, I find myself in the middle of the debate between coupon affiliates and merchants quite often. There have been reports of merchants reducing commission rates for coupon affiliates, not allowing them into their program altogether and even completely eliminating their affiliate program due to their frustration with coupon affiliates. There […]

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One of the most popular promotional methods for businesses lately has been pre-paid deals. We’ve all seen them from places like Groupon, LivingSocial, or DealEx, but are they a good thing for merchants? They are known by many names, such as “flash deals”, “Groupons”, “group buying”, or simply “pre-paid vouchers”. Names aside, they allow a […]