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Does affiliate marketing have a problem with brand abuse and fraud, and if so, is this holding back increased investment in the channel? Addressing this issue can provide a dilemma, as it’s a relatively small problem in the channel overall with few advertisers in certain sectors affected, so how should it be raised without causing […]

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A key strength of an affiliate network has traditionally been that it provides access to a large publisher base. By utilizing their technology, the network is able to foster relationships between publishers and advertisers. With a significant number of publishers on a network, it is not feasible to expect each of them to be a […]


A common but critical question among advertisers is “what commission should I pay affiliates?” Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer, and implementing an effective commission structure requires careful consideration. 1. Consider the price of other online marketing options Compared to other media, the affiliate channel often stands out as a cost effective way of generating […]