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Affiliate marketing is an industry that keeps changing. It is imperative that you keep on top of what is going on as it can greatly impact your business. One such change that happens often on the CPA side of the industry is the constant modifications to advertiser’s landing pages. These types of alterations can damage […]


Minimize your risks and maximize your returns in paid search arbitrage Our business is paid search arbitrage and most of the time we send traffic to the merchant’s landing page directly from search engines. That means we live and die by the conversion rate of the merchant’s page and we have to very carefully evaluate […]


We’ve wrapped up the first issue of FeedFront magazine and we’re sending it to the printer. Issues will be mailed in June 2008. Here are the articles in the first issue: Editors Note: Missy Ward & Shawn Collins Five Ways to Evaluate a Merchant’s Landing Page: Dan Murray Pros & Cons of Utilizing Multiple Networks: […]

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